Art2View is a group of gifted amateur and professional artists and art enthusiasts based in Tottenham.  The range of styles and media employed in the group is very broad, from photography, mixed media, sculpture, water colour, oil, acrylic painting.  Some have been professional artists for many years, others have been involved in art classes run by Haringey Adult Learning and have formed a loose network and links through these classes and shared exhibitions.


The main impetus for developing Art2View was a recognised lack of facilities in the east of the borough for local artists to be able to exhibit their work and network together. There are many visual artists who live in the area who are unable to get their work shown in a not-for-profit arena.  Art2View seeks to redress this situation

We have created links with a wide variety of community-based organisations such as Tottenham Traders Partnership, Friends of Bruce Castle Park, Friends of Tottenham Marshes, Haringey Adult Learning and the Area Assemblies including individual councilors.  All have expressed enthusiasm and support for the idea of providing the sort of facilities we are proposing.

Members of Art2View generate their own income for their projects.

Establishing a series of workshops / art classes has been an innovative development for us especially in an area not previously explored and financially supported by HALS, other than this there is no external funding to the group..

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